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Shopper Feedback

What Our Customers Say

"The fact I could just add up the value of a few of the cards and it exceeds what I paid (not including all the base set, Gym, Jungle and Fossil cards) is insanely amazing. I could even get some of them graded for novelty and make my money back 10 fold. This proves without a doubt what a great thing you packs are. Your collections must be worth an absolute fortune!"


"You're doing gods work! I've been looking for someone legit to get some random retro stuff from and most are either a scam or not worth it at all. The random number generator that makes it totally fair is a brilliant idea"

Celtic Cards (Ewan)

"The package arrived today - I must say it is excellent and value for money.
I believe there was 5 rares in total in the packs including a Gyarados, Dark Gyarados, Mewtwo, rare shiny Lapras and a Ninetales - all in great condition."


s03jlord1 (Johnny)

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