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🔥GOD PACK: WOTC Vintage Pokémon | HOLO, 1st Ed, RARES | Preloved & SEALED! 🛡️

🔥GOD PACK: WOTC Vintage Pokémon | HOLO, 1st Ed, RARES | Preloved & SEALED! 🛡️

🌠🔥 Vintage CLASSIC PACKS: Dive Into Pokémon History With Time-Honoured Cards! 🔥🌠


💎🎲 Step into a nostalgic galaxy with the ULTIMATE CLASSIC PACKS! Forget your standard collector's fare; this is an epic journey through the preloved, LIGHTLY to HEAVILY PLAYED treasures that fueled the Pokémon hype from day one. Picture your collection enriched with cards that have a story to tell, battle scars and all! 🎲💎


🎇 Inside The Pack: Eight Stunning Pokémon Cards Await! 🎇


✨🚨 CARD 1: Vintage HOLO RARE 🚨✨
🔴 SPECIAL ALERT: 1 in 5 Packs Contains a WOTC 1st Edition Vintage Holographic! 🔴

These cards have a history; they're lightly to heavily played English WOTC cards from 1999-2003 that are yearning to relive their glory days!


🔵 CARD 2: Vintage RARE or PROMO 🔵
Celebrate cards that have lived a full life. Each card tells a story and it's all part of the Pokémon journey!


These aren't fresh off the printer, but they're iconic in their own right, from the legendary 1999-2003 WOTC era!


🎁 CARD 4: BONUS Post-WOTC Card 🎁
Extend your collection's timeline. A cherished card that isn't WOTC but has earned its battle scars!


🍀 CARDS 5/6/7/8: Vintage COMMONS/UNCOMMONS 🍀
These aren't just cards, they're time capsules from the WOTC 1999-2003 sets!


📦 Time-Tested Shipping & Unbeatable Packaging 📦
Titanium-Level Protection: Your cards are enshrined in a card sleeve, hard plastic top loader, and Ultra Pro Team Bag.
Royal Mail's Tracked Services: We safeguard your purchase until it's safely in your hands!


🔒 Fairness Guaranteed 🔒  
Our Random Number Generators ensure equal chances for everyone. No 'streamer luck'; fairness is integral! 🎲🛡 Buy with confidence! 🛡🌟


💎 Card Condition Guide: Unique & Cherished 💎  
🟦 LP to HP 🟦  

Cards with a storied past; signs of love and battle, but unforgettable in their own right!


🟨 Lightly Played 🟨  
Slight wear but full of character. A fan favourite!


🟧 Moderately Played 🟧  
They've seen a few battles but are far from defeated.


🟥 Heavily Played 🟥  

Worn but never torn; these cards have stories to tell.



  • What's Inside the Pack?

    • 🔥 CARD 1: An awe-inspiring Vintage HOLO RARE, with a 1 in 5 chance of being a 1st Edition!
    • 🌠 CARD 2: A Vintage RARE or PROMO to add some extra oomph to your collection.
    • 💎 CARD 3: A Vintage FIRST EDITION, the creme de la creme of Pokémon cards.
    • 🎁 CARD 4: A BONUS Post-WOTC Card, taking you into the new era of Pokémon.
    • 🍀 CARDS 5/6/7/8: The backbone of your pack—Vintage COMMONS/UNCOMMONS.
  • 🌟 GOD PACKS: All Cards LP-HP! 🌟

    🌟 Your Guide to Card Conditions: From Mint to Battle-Hardened 🌟

    🟦 Near Mint: Virtually Untouched
    Cards in this condition look like they've just been printed—virtually untouched. Minimal to no wear, crisp corners, and a pristine surface. Ideal for the perfectionist collector.


    🟨 Lightly Played: Minimal Wear, Maximum Charm
    Slight scuffs or scratches, maybe minor corner wear, but no major defects. Ideal for those who appreciate a card with character yet in great shape.


    🟧 Moderately Played: Aged But Not Defeated
    These cards may show signs of wear such as border scuffs, slight creasing, or whitening. They have fought battles but are far from being defeated. Perfect for collectors who appreciate a bit of history.


     🟥 Heavily Played: Rich in History
    Considerable wear, possibly minor liquid damage, but still playable in a sleeve. These cards have stories to tell and are great for collectors who love cards with a rich history.


    🟪 Damaged: For the Battle-Hardened Collector
    Creases, tears, or even some liquid damage make these cards illegal for tournament play, but they're perfect for collectors who appreciate cards that have seen action and lived to tell the tale

  • Shipping & Handling:

    • 📦 Titanium-Level Protection: Your treasures are safeguarded in a card sleeve, a hard plastic top loader, and an Ultra Pro Team Bag.
    • 💌 Royal Mail's Tracked Services: We track each package to ensure it reaches you in mint condition.
  • Why Choose Our Vintage GOD PACKS?

    • 🎉 Guaranteed Rarity: Each pack assures a Vintage Holo, a First Edition, and a Rare or Promo card.
    • 🌈 Diverse Collection: Cards hail from the golden WOTC era of 1999-2003, offering a nostalgia trip with every pack!
    • 🍾 Limited Availability: These packs are rare gems in the Pokémon universe. Act fast, they're selling like hotcakes!
  • Return & Refund Policy:

    🚫 No Returns Once Opened: Our packs are assembled with Random Number Generators for a fair distribution, so everyone has a chance at something extraordinary.

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£24.95Sale Price
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