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🔥Big Three Pack: Charizard/Blastoise/Venusaur! | Base Set | EX-Mint | SEALED 🌟

🔥Big Three Pack: Charizard/Blastoise/Venusaur! | Base Set | EX-Mint | SEALED 🌟

🔥 Addictimon Presents: The Big Three Showdown – Charizard, Blastoise, Venusaur! Your Ticket to Pokémon Royalty! 🔥


🌟 What You Will Receive: 🌟

Guaranteed Big Three:

  • You WILL Receive One of the Following Base Set "Big Three" Holographic Cards in Brilliant-Mint Condition:
    • Charizard
    • Blastoise
    • Venusaur

🔥 One Card to Rule Them All! Get Your Hands on a Base Set "Big Three" Holographic Card in Brilliant-Mint Condition: Charizard, Blastoise, or Venusaur! This is THE World-Famous, Unlimited Card from the Original, First-Ever Pokémon Base Set! A Breathtaking, Jaw-Dropping Pinnacle in WOTC History! Seize Your Chance to Own a Piece of the Most Iconic Trio in the Pokémon Universe! This Isn't Just a Card; It's a Gateway to Unforgettable Nostalgia and Legendary Status! 🌟


🚀 Number Allocation: A Fair Fight 🚀

  • Charizard: 1  (33.3%)
  • Blastoise: 2 (33.3%)
  • Venusaur: 3 (33.3%)

Using RNG parameters [1-3], each number corresponds to a Pokémon legend. With a perfectly balanced 1/3 chance for each card, the odds are ever in your favour.



🎲 The RNG Game: Unveil Your Destiny 🎲

Engage with our RNG system to unlock your card. A straightforward 1/3 chance for each Pokémon legend. The more you play, the more you could win!


📦 Elite Packaging: The Addictimon Gold Standard 📦

Your card isn't just sealed, it's safeguarded in an Addictimon-grade sleeve, a hard plastic top loader, and an Ultra Pro Team Bag, all nestled in a reinforced package. Ultimate protection, because your legends deserve nothing less.



💎 Why Choose Us? Especially for Europe! 💎

We offer unmatched value, thanks to our colossal collection. Each order is fortified with rigid protection. Choose from First Class Shipping with Tracking or optional insured, expedited options.



🔒 Fairness & Security Guaranteed 🔒

Powered by Google's RNG tool for unbiased distribution. No returns based on dissatisfaction—read the listing carefully. We pack each card with extreme care because these legends are worth it!



🌈 Pull-Rate Transparency: Know Your Odds 🌈

  • Blastoise: 1/3 - 33.33%
  • Charizard: 1/3 - 33.33%
  • Venusaur: 1/3 - 33.33%


💣 ACT NOW! Unleash The Pokémon Titan Within! 💣

Your chance to own a piece of Pokémon history is just a click away. No gimmicks, no catches, just pure, unadulterated excitement. Don't miss out on this Addictimon exclusive. Your destiny awaits! 🌟


    🚫 No Returns Once Opened: Our packs are assembled with Random Number Generators for a fair distribution, so everyone has a chance at something extraordinary.

  • Shipping & Handling

    • 📦 Titanium-Level Protection: Your treasures are safeguarded in a card sleeve, a hard plastic top loader, and an Ultra Pro Team Bag.
    • 💌 Royal Mail's Tracked Services: We track each package to ensure it reaches you in mint condition.
  • 🔥 What's The Pull-Rates? 🔥

    🔥🔥 Unleash the Titans: Charizard, Blastoise, Venusaur! 🔥🔥

    At Addictimon, we celebrate both fairness and adrenaline-pumping excitement. Our Big Three Showdown guarantees you one of the titanic trio with each purchase. The kicker? Each legend stands an EQUAL chance of gracing your collection. Crystal-clear odds, no nonsense!

    🎲 Odds Declassified: Your Roadmap to Victory! 🎲

    The thrill of the chase gets real with each pull! Dream cards aren't just dreams anymore:

    • Charizard: 1/3 - 33.33%
    • Blastoise: 1/3 - 33.33%
    • Venusaur: 1/3 - 33.33%

    💣 The Clock's Ticking: Seize Your Destiny! 💣

    This is your golden ticket to Pokémon immortality. No gimmicks, no fine print, just a heart-pounding shot at legendary status. Each pack is a spin at the wheel of fate, a gamble for eternal bragging rights.

    🎉 ACT NOW: Conquer the Addictimon Big Three Showdown! 🎉

  • 🌟 BIG THREE PACK: All Cards Brilliant-Mint! 🌟

    🌟 Your Guide to Card Conditions: From Mint to Battle-Hardened 🌟

    🟦 Mint:

    Absolute immaculate condition, flawless and untouched. The apex of a collector's dream.

    🟦 Near Mint:

    Virtually Untouched Cards in this condition look like they've just been printed—virtually untouched. Minimal to no wear, crisp corners, and a pristine surface. Ideal for the perfectionist collector.

    🟨 Brilliant:

    Minimal Wear, Maximum Charm Slight scuffs or scratches, maybe minor corner wear, but no major defects. Ideal for those who appreciate a card with character yet in great shape.

    🟧 Moderately Played:

    Aged But Not Defeated These cards may show signs of wear such as border scuffs, slight creasing, or whitening. They have fought battles but are far from being defeated. Perfect for collectors who appreciate a bit of history.

    🟥 Heavily Played:

    Rich in History Considerable wear, possibly minor liquid damage, but still playable in a sleeve. These cards have stories to tell and are great for collectors who love cards with a rich history.

    🟪 Damaged:

    For the Battle-Hardened Collector Creases, tears, or even some liquid damage make these cards illegal for tournament play, but they're perfect for collectors who appreciate cards that have seen action and lived to tell the tale

  • 🔥 What's Inside the Base Set Pack? 🔥

    🎇 Inside Each Addictimon Big Three Showdown Pack: Guaranteed Legend, Random Glory! 🎇

    🔴🔴 CHASE ALERT! Every Single Pack Guarantees a Legend! 🔴🔴

    🔥 100% GUARANTEE to Secure a Charizard, Blastoise, or Venusaur! 🔥

    This isn't just a pack; it's your guaranteed entry into Pokémon legend status. You're not rolling the dice on whether you'll get a legend, you're rolling on which one!

    ✨🚨 CARD: RNG Chooses Your Fate—Charizard, Blastoise, or Venusaur! 🚨✨

    Open the pack and let RNG decide your destiny. One card per pack, always one of the Big Three. RNG values [1-3] determine which legend graces your collection.


  • 🎯🌟 Why Choose Our Vintage Base Set Packs? 🌟🎯

    🎉 100% Guaranteed Legend in Brilliant-Mint:

    With the Big Three Showdown Pack, you're guaranteed a Charizard, Blastoise, or Venusaur. Each card is in flawless Brilliant-Mint condition. RNG with parameters [1-3] gives each card a 33.3% legendary pull-rate.

    🌈 First-Class Origins:

    Only cards from the groundbreaking first English Pokémon Base Set make the cut. It's the elite of the elite for our Big Three packs.

    🍾 Clock's Ticking: Limited Supply!

    These Big Three Showdown Packs are the ultimate Pokémon luxury. Snag yours now and own a piece of Pokémon history before they're all claimed!

£189.95 Regular Price
£169.95Sale Price
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