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Welcome To Addictimon—The Gold Standard In Pokémon Vintage Card Collecting. We're Not Just Leaders; We're The Innovators Everyone Else Follows. Why? Because We Deliver What No One Else Can: The Most Astonishing, Unbeatable, Industry-Leading Packs On The Planet.


Sky-High Prices For Sealed Pokémon Packs? Not Here. We've Used Cutting-Edge Stats To Create Addictimon Vintage Packs, Surpassing Even Original WOTC Pull Rates.


Choose Addictimon, Choose Excellence. Experience The Unrivalled Quality That's Making Us The World's Go-To Brand For Pokémon Vintage Cards.


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The Most Trusted Name In Pokémon

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WhatsApp: +44 (0) 7845244813

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